YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED THIS: Let the Glass Fall at The End of Each Day! Here’s Why!

On the social networks, at the World Mental Health Day, an interesting and instructive story came up. You will need one minute to read it, and the message that you’ll get will remain for a lifetime!

“The professor begins the lesson by taking a glass full of water in his hands. He holds it in the air so that everyone can see is and asks:

  • What do you think, how much does this glass weigh?
  • 50g … 100g … 125g …- the students were guessing.
  • The truth is that I don’t know either. And we can’t be sure until we don’t put it on a scale – said the professor.
  • But I wanted to ask you something else. What will happen if I keep this glass up in the air, let’s say for a few minutes?
  • Nothing! – answered the students.
  • And what will happen if I keep the glass raised for an hour? – asked the professor again.
  • You’ll start to feel pain in your arm – there was a quick reaction.
  • And now, what will happen if I hold the glass like this one whole day?
  • That is a big effort for your hand, and you’ll start to feel much pain in the arm, and it is possible that you will stiffen the muscle, and you can also paralyze your hand. It is very likely that you will need to urgently go to the doctor.
  • Very good – continued the professor. – And while this is all going on, do you think that the glass’s weight remain the same?
  • Yes! – They said in one voice.
  • So what is the cause of the bigger pain in your arm and the muscle spasms?

The students found themselves confused. This looked like a riddle and they were all looking for the answer.

  • What do I need to do to get rid of the pain and burden in this situation? – The professor continued.
  • DROP THE GLASS! – There was a sudden response from the amphitheater.
  • Yes! That’s it. That’s the answer. Drop the glass! – said the professor. – That’s what happens with your problems in your real life and with your negative thoughts.
  • To think about your problems a few minutes is a normal thing, and there’s nothing improper or wrong. But if you keep the thoughts in your mind for a longer period of time you’ll start to feel PAIN. And if you do this for too long – you’ll start to feel paralyzed, you won’t be able to do anything else.
  • It is very important to think about certain events or experiences in your lives and draw conclusions at the end, but it is even more important to know how to rid your mind of these problems at the end of each day… to “let them fall” before you fall asleep. In this way you will save yourself from a lot of stress and strain and you will wake up every morning fresh, cheerful and well rested. You will feel that you are filled with new strength for the day that comes and all the challenges no matter what the situation was… that was yesterday, we live for today!”


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