Women Who Consume This Food Will Never Be Diagnosed With Breast Cancer!

The results of the new studies confirm that a diet rich in olive oil is associated with a lower risk of developing breast cancer.

It is believed that the Mediterranean diet protects the heart, it prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease, reduces depression, and the scientists also recommend it and say that is useful for preventing the development of breast cancer.

The Mediterranean diet contains large amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables, and includes cereals, cereal products, lean meats, fish and seafood, milk and milk products, nuts and legumes, but also a lot of olive oil.

The results of the new study confirm that a diet rich in olive oil is associated with a lower risk of development breast cancer, and the women from Spain that followed the given diet, lowered the risk by as much as 68 percent.

Although scientists can’t confirm whether the better results come from the Mediterranean diet or it’s only due to the increased imports of olive oil in the body, the study leader, Dr. Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez, from the University of Navarre says:

“The results of this study confirm the benefit of the Mediterranean diet with an increased import of olive oil in the prevention of breast cancer.”

He added that they would have to make some more researches, nut he still noted that the Mediterranean diet, which is based on herbs, fish and olive oil, greatly helps in lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases occurrence.

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