Toxic, Cancer-Causing Arsenic Found in Rice and Rice Products!

New researches have shown that more than half of the UK’s most popular rice products, including baby food produced in the well-know companies, contains arsenic at doses that exceed new levels that are proposed by the EU.

Although there are low levels of arsenic in most foods, even in water, scientists are now concerned that the poison in the rice reaches a much higher limit, writes

Channel 4, in cooperation with the Global Food Security at Queens University Belfast, tested 81 different products. They have found that even 58 percent of the products exceeded the limit that the European Union has recommended for kids, which is not expected to come in force until next summer.

Although there are strict limits of the allowed levels of arsenic in water, it is not so when it comes to food. But now, some scientists are worried about the consequences that may occur during long-term exposure to arsenic.

The new proposed recommendations from the EU allow 200 parts per billion amount of arsenic for adults, and only 100 parts per billion for kinds and babies.

Professor of biological science at Queen’s University Belfast, Andrew Meharg, says how the limits that were set by the EU are too high, and at least when it comes to baby food, they should be halved.
“The limits are set so they don’t harm the trade of rice, instead of this, human health should be in the first place”, said professor Meharg.

Otherwise, people were already warned about the problem of arsenic in rice and rice products. The problem is that the rice is grown in water-flooded conditions, and that’s why arsenic in the soil finds its way into the roots of rice crops and is eventually stored in the grains. Besides this, there is a difference between the organic and inorganic arsenic. The organic, which is found in children’s food, is less dangerous than inorganic.

Specifically, people are exposed to arsenic through water, air and food, but it is not dangerous when there are small quantities in the food.

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