It is Disgusting How Many Worms, Mouse Poop and Hair We Eat in Our Food…

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published guide book about what is the amount of mold, rot, parasites, insects and other gross things are allowed to be in the food. This information may shock you and get you sick in your stomach and you won’t even try the things you used to love.

The main question for all of us is: how such gross things ever get into the food? An expert for food safety, Martin Bucknavage, explains how the contamination of food is actually a completely natural thing.

“The food comes from outside. When you reap the corn, there will certainly be some insects inside of it, and the other contamination, such as mouse droops, can occur during the process of transit or storage.

Of course it is disgusting for you to read about the unwanted ingredients that are found in your food, but the US Food and Drug Administration has set limits that determinate how much pollution is allowed in the food, and that it doesn’t affect your health.

In any case, you shouldn’t be worried, because you won’t get sick if you eat a grasshopper’s leg together that is in your peanut butter”, says Bucknavage and adds that the contamination in the food can be an indicator that something is wrong with the food product you consume. For example, one mouse hair in your pasta won’t kill you, but if their amount is bigger, it means that there is an infection spread in that manufactory.

On the other hand, it is perfectly normal if you find broccoli lice, mites and other bugs in the vegetables. In fact, in this frozen vegetables the amount of such insects is about 60 to 100 grams, while the fresh spinach it is a perfect terrain for the life of caterpillars.

All lovers of spicy and peppery food will certainly not be thrilled by the fact that there are traces of cigarette butts in the pepper, while all the lovers of polenta (corn meal) should know that the black beads in their favorite food are actually mouse droppings.

We also believe that you, when you enjoy your pasta with a tomato sauce, you don’t even have in mind that you eat worms and rodent hair. According to data from FDA, 3 worms are allowed in this canned tomato sauces, while there can be found up to 6 different rodent hairs in the pasta.

One of the favorite gourmet treats, peanut butter, can be contaminated with up to 136 insects and/or 4 different rodent hairs.

We believe that after reading this article you will think twice before you order you favorite pasta and you eat peanut butter for your breakfast!

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