How To Get Flat Stomach In A Day. Yes, It’s Possible!

We are presenting you an effective diet that rids of bloating and makes your stomach flat in just 24 hours. It’s all natural and without any harmful effects.

Be aware that with this diet you can’t lose any weight. This kind of diet helps to people that have gassy stomach, and also efficiently relieves bloating in people who have stomach discomforts. In fact, this diet shows you what food you should eat, and how much you should consume.

The most importang thing is how you start your day. Drink a glass of lemon water mixed with chopped parsley every morning.parsley and water

Here’s your menu:


  • Oatmeal and 1 cup of berries, or
  • 2 hard-boiled eggs and 1 cup of berries.

Snack 1

  • A cup of nuts and 1 orange, or
  • Celery stalks and 2 tsp peanut butter


  • 1 bowl of mixed salad made of green salad, 1 cucumber, 2 tomatoes, 2 grated carrots, 1 avocado, a hard-boiled egg, 1 tsp of mixed nuts, pumpkin or sunflower seed, olive oil and lemon.

Snack 2

  • 200gr of Greek yoghurt with a little cinnamon, or
  • A cup of chopped fresh cucumber (unpeeled) with 2 tbsp. of sour cream


  • Grilled salmon, creamed spinach with olive oil, garlic and roasted vegetables

You can stick to this diet plan for 3 days in a row.


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