Great Pregnancy Exercise: SWIMMING!

Exercising during pregnancy is essential. Not only will it prevent gaining excess weight, it will also help strengthen the muscles and the cardiovascular system during pregnancy, and calm down some of the pain and discomforts that occur during pregnancy. Swimming is one of the best and safest physical activities that you could practice when pregnant, according to Baron Atkins, an obstetrician at “Arlington Memorial Hospital” in Texas. 



Many pregnant women love to swim because it gives them a pleasant feeling. When you swim, the water reduces the pressure on your joints, which makes your body feel lighter. Swimming also provides a good cardiovascular training, improves circulation, and muscle strength and stamina.

Safety first

The biggest risk of injury during swimming can occur during your sliding in and out of the pool, and it is therefore recommended to move slowly and carefully. Avoid pools that are too hot, since they will raise your body temperature to a risky level.

Advices for trimesters

During your first trimester you can try swimming in the morning because it can help you with the morning sickness and fatigue. During the second trimester, you can experiment with your swimming technique and discover a swimming discipline that suits you the best. Also, make sure not to have discomforts, such as neck, belly or back pressure. Swimming is safe all through your delivery date, so you can continue to swim even during your third trimester. If your water breaks during swimming, go to your doctor immediately.


Despite various opinions, there is no proof that chlorinated pools are dangerous for pregnant women. As a matter of fact, a study from Denmark, published in the medical journal “Epidemiology” in March 2010, showed that women who swam in chlorinated pools are exposed to very low risks of giving premature births and of certain fetal defects.

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