Do You Know What Will Happen If You Eat 12 Plums a Day?

Plums are well known as a natural multivitamin, but many people don’t have the habit of eating them often. When you will read this article, you may change your mind when you’ll realize what just 5 plums a day can do for your body.

The plums are also great in preparing a homemade plum jam, and this is also a unique filling for your pancakes, but before you use these products don’t forget how healthy the fresh plum is.

One fresh plum contains about 8 milligrams of vitamin C, and besides the vitamins, plums are also rich in iron, magnesium, calcium and copper.

Only 12 plums a day can improve your health.

That would mean that if you eat this fruit daily, you’ll lower the risk of cancer of the large intestine.

When you can’t find any fresh plums, you can always replace them with prunes.

With the consumption of 12 plums a day, you can regulate the cholesterol level, you can increase bone density and strengthen your immune system.

One average fresh plum contains about 113 milligrams potassium. This mineral helps in controlling blood pressure, thereby reducing the risk of stroke, and it’s also known for its benefits on the digestive tract and accelerating metabolism.



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