Chard – Anti-Inflammatory Food For A Healthier Body

Most experts call the chard injection for inflammation in the body.

The chard is low in calories and it’s very important food – one cup of cooked and drained chard (25 grams) contains 32 mg of vitamin C, 102 mg calcium, 3.9 mg iron, 150 mg of magnesium and only 35 calories.

The green part of the plant can be cooked as any other leef, and the white part in the same way as an asparagus.

Most often all the leaves are cooked, then drained, and poured with olive oil and chopped garlic is added.

This traditional way of cooking is the healthiest, because the oil is not heated, and the garlic is very healthy also.

The green parts of the leaves can be prepared in the same way as spinach and the white pieces can be cooked in salted water and then poured with fried toasted bread crumbs or some sauce, and you can do the same thing with asparagus too.

cooked chard

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