Can You Learn to Love the Foods You Used to Hate?

Are there foods you love now that you hated as kid? You probably still avoid them just because you think you don’t like them.

Although it is true that the taste is subjective, I’ve never heard a convincing argument that it is better not to like some kind of food rather than like it.

The psychology of taste is further complicated by our natural aversion to things that are new or different from what we are expecting. Foods with unique textures such as mushrooms and okra often fall victim to this bias. In these cases the unfamiliarity and strangeness of the texture makes us slightly uncomfortable, and we interpret this feeling as a personal dislike. However, this reaction reflects the food’s uniqueness rather than its true character.


Our tendency to dislike and hate things that extend beyond our perceptual comfort zones is explored in the book written by Malcolm Gladwell’s “Blinking: power of thinking without thinking.” He claims that we make snap judgments about everything we encounter based on our previous experience. While this ability can sometimes help us to make wise decisions, sometimes may even lead us to wrong decisions. In other words, sometimes our first impressions can be wrong.

Knowing this about bias can help us to overcome the aversion to foods that we think that we don’t like, and we can even learn to love them. The most important, first step is to accept that there is value in enjoying a food which have not enjoyed until now. I’m not saying that you should start enjoying frozen pasta and excessive fatty foods, what I’m talking about are mostly the fresh, natural foods that are worth trying.

Combining foods you do not like with a few other products that you love, can help you gradually to get used to that product.

Food decoration is another great opportunity to accept the food that you have not enjoyed in the past.

The key word here is “enjoy”. Eating vegetables is undoubtedly healthy, but the best reason to eat broccoli is that you absolutely love it.

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