Are You Magnesium Deficient? – These Gummy Candies Are Perfect For You!

This is an interesting magnesium-gummy candies recipe, which can help you relax, make you feel less anxious and help you sleep better.

Magnesium is such a good muscle relaxant, and it’s one of the best supplements to ease stress and stress-related problems. It is also added as a supplement in the diet of anxious people. The gelatin, which is added in these gummy candies, contains highly beneficial amino acids that are very anti-inflammatory and anti-stress.

These gummy candies are natural, safe and work better than sleeping pills.

Here’s a recipe for about 35 gummy candies.


250 ml lemonade

3 tbsp powder gelatin

5 tsp magnesium citrate in powder (you can find it in the pharmacy)

1 tsp sweetener

A bit sea salt


In a deep bowl put the juice that’s been chilled in your fridge overnight or a few hours and then mix it with the magnesium powder. Add 1 tbsp at first, because it will start foaming, live it for a while, and then add the rest.

Then add the gelatin and leave it for a few minutes to bulge. Heat the gelatin when is completely dissolved, at a moderate temperature. When it becomes liquid, add salt and sweetener. Stir, but not too much, so you don’t make too much foam.

Put the liquid that you’ll get into a cup so you can measure it: you need ¾ liquid and fill the rest with juice.

Pour the liquid into silicon molds, each candy will contain 69 mg of magnesium. You can consume 5 gummy candies a day.

If you haven’t consumed any supplements containing magnesium previously, you should consume the candies gradually; one or two candies a day, because they have a laxative effect.

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