A Woman Explains Her Unbelievable Experience: Bees Cured Me From Multiple Sclerosis

Mariz Pios, a professor of gymnastics and former French national team member in gymnastics, managed to cope with a serious autoimmune disease.

After her healing she decided to share her story with the world by writing a book “Bee’s healed me from multiple sclerosis”. The story aroused great interest in public after it was released.

In fact, 24 years ago, when Mariz turned fifty, she got ill from multiple sclerosis. The doctor who treated her, after numerous tests discovered her illness, and he believed that the disease cannot be cured by consuming the pills that were offered and that the progress will just slow down instead of healing.

“I felt like the doctor told me: Poor lady, I can’t do anything to help you!” wrote down Mariz at the beginning of her book, adding:

“If the functional medicine can’t stabilize my disease with medications, I will try everything that the alternative medicine offers me, and above all, apitherapy”, she wrote.

However, before Mariz decided for a quite painful bee sting therapy, she tried to help herself with some other natural methods. She had the impression that all these therapies were helping her partly and facilitated her muscle cramps and headaches, but, unfortunately didn’t stop the progression of the disease.

“I was looking for more information about the alternative medicine, how should I get professional apitherapy from the scientists that are successful on the global scale and who have been trying to cure multiple sclerosis by bee venom. I find out later that in Montpellier lives and works the well-known surgeon and oncologist, Professor Anri Zoaje (Henry Joyeux), who recommends using bee products and who later on helped me during writing the book, thanks to his advices” says Mariz Pios.zz

“I’ve been taking propolis with honey regularly for four weeks. I began with the bee stings systematically in June 2005, twice a week. I’ve been trying the bee venom on myself even earlier, so I got used to it and I found that my body is ok with it. I started with a single bee sting, and as the time was passing by, I was increasing the number of stings, until September the same year when I came to eighteen stings. Later, I increased that number to thirty-five stings.

My last results in 2011 from the magnetic resonance showed that all the damages (lesions) on the brain and spinal cord simply disappeared!” says this brave woman.

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