7 Steps For Sandal-Ready Feet

Give your feet a fresh start for a new season with our expert advice on how to keep them soft, smooth and healthy. 

It is necessary to take care for the feet, and then continue to cultivate so they always look maximum clean and cared for. Read on to learn how to bring the foot in the form for sandals, in just a few easy steps.

1) Remove the dead skin – Electrical rasps in the market are the new trend in the world of care, and also considered the most effective way of removing dead skin. Of course, they are more expensive than the average rasps, but it’s worth it. If you prefer the though classical rasps for foot, select the one with diamond surface, although the metal can be used too. You can keep you feet into water mixed with baking soda, which will soften the skin and you’ll be able to more easily scrape them off.

2) Maintain the feet gentle with a foot stone – a stone with many holes is not the primary thing to remove the dead skin, but it’s excellent for weekly use to ensure that your feet will stay soft and beautiful. Moreover, this stone can be used every day in the shower, but only on a wet skin.feet

3) Feet should be kept warm, dry, and comfortable. Don’t apply so much moisturizer that your feet are squelching in your slippers! A little foot moisturizer goes a long way, and if you do apply too much pat off the excess and try to let your feet dry out a little for a few minutes before putting socks or slippers on.

4) Overnight Moisture Treatment. Sometimes, your feet need a little extra attention, so do an overnight softening treatment. Simply apply olive oil or coconut oil to your feet. Rub it in gently and cover your feet with socks. These will help your feet to absorb the oil. Do this a couple a times a week and you’ll never have cracked hoofs.

5) Remove nail stains – Hydrogen peroxide or products containing it, are the safest way to remove the spots on the nails. Another good choice is toothpaste that whitens teeth. Apply it on the nail and leave it for 3-5 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with a brush. Now you have a perfectly clean surface for applying light trendy nail polish.

6) Do not try to “cure” blister – The worst thing you can dois digging into blisters because it can be infected. It must be cleaned by an antiseptic, you must wear clean socks and be barefoot as much as you can, so that the wound can breathe and not be pressed further.

7) Nail Polish must haves – If you take care of your feet constantly, they’ll look nice, but they will look much better with a good nail polish. You will never go wrong with the classic red, burgundy, indigo or black.


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