What Are We Actually Eating? They Dye The Food With Chemicals To Make It Look Fresh! (Video)

It is no more a secret that all the fruit and vegetables are dyed in order to look fresher, and we still hope this is just a myth, but…

If you watch the video below that appeared on YouTube unfortunately it’s true.

In this video is shown how the vegetables, especially peas, are dyed, and the watermelon is injected with some kind of red chemical, in order to be intensely red so it can trick the customers to by it.

The chemical which is displayed in the video, erythrosine B is usually used in the preparation of some kinds of candies and gels for decorating cakes. It is actually an additive (E 127).

The American Food Association (FDA) imposed a partial ban on erythrosine in 1990 because researches showed that excessive use of the chemical caused cancer in mice.

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