Wash Your Face With This 3-Ingredient Apple Cider Vinegar Mixture to Look YEARS Younger in Days

With a bit of research, and experience as a teenager, it’s been found that diet and environmental factors  lead to a rise in adult acne. As you go throughout  day, face accumulates dirt, bacteria, and pollution from around you. The best way is to adjust your diet (avoid refined sugars!) and wash  face with a cleanser. But, not any cleanser is good. Some cleansers have chemicals as bad (or worse!) for your skin as the toxins in the air.

Certain ingredients strip your skin of some of the natural oils your skin needs as protection. Take for instance Sodium Lauryl Sulfate  that handles foaming in many skincare products. SLS dry your skin out, and encourage mutations in bacteria,  thus harm the immune system. Worse of all is that, it’s often one of the most concentrated ingredients in products!

Let see how about avoiding all chemicals and trying a homemade face wash?

These 5 DIY face washes are very  simple to make! Each of the ingredients have many uses and benefits beyond the skin.

DIY Face Wash Recipes

DIY Foaming Face Wash for All Skin types:


  1. Coconut oil – ½ tsp, castile soap – ⅓ cup, filtered or distilled water – ⅔ cup, lavender essential oil – 10-15 drops.

Directionsput  the ingredients in a small bowl and blend it well. Pour your mixture in an empty container.

Face wash for acne prone or oily skin:


  1. ½ cup organic honey; ¼ cup Apple cider vinegar; 10 drops of tea tree oil


Mix all of the ingredients, put in dispenser. Just take a little bit and massage it on face, then wipe it off with a moist cotton ball and after that wash your face.

DIY face cleanser for dry skin:


  1. 1 tablespoon almond oil;1 cup mild castile soap; 20 drops Jasmine fragrance; 1 cup distilled water


Mix ingredients together in a small bowl until smooth mix. Pour it in a dispenser bottle.

Face wash gel for dry or oily skin:


  1. ¼ cup aloe vera gel; 1 or 2 tsp sweet almond oil; a few drops of your choice of essential oil (optional)


Well mix all ingredients and put in dispenser bottle. For oily skin you need to substitute almond oil with liquid castile soap.

Basic face wash:


  1. ½ cup liquid castile soap; 1 – 2 tbsp. Oil; 10 drops of essential oil;
  2. Directions

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and pour into an empty dispenser. Oily skin- substitute oils for aloe vera gel (See above recipe). Optionally add coffee grounds to this mixture to make an exfoliating cleanser.

As the largest organ of body, skin deserves the best. Treat it tonight with one of these simple recipes.

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