THIS Super Green Detox Drink Will Remove All TOXINS and FAT from Your Body

It is very important for you to drink fresh fruit juices every day, not only to satisfy your sweet tooth, but they also can provide you the entire daily nutrient you need. You can consume them in every part of to the day, but you shouldn’t consume too much because they contain large percent of sugar.

In order to lose some weight, your daily calorie intake should be about 500 calories.

Here are some of the best juice combinations we picked for you. All you need to do is to stock up on fruits and veggies and enjoy their benefits. Mix them up with some ice in a 2:1 ratio, 2 parts juice, 1 part ice.

Best fruit juices:

  • Apple and pear
  • Cranberry, grape and prune
  • Apple, pear and pineapple
  • Orange and grapefruit
  • Apple and watermelon

Best green juices:

  • Celery, spinach, tomato, and dill
  • Cucumber, parsley, celery, and ginger
  • Celery, kale, tomato, garlic, and sweet basil
  • Celery, spinach, cabbage, dill, and lemon
  • Spinach, tomato, garlic, ginger, and cayenne

Best combination juices:

  • Lime, ginger, orange, and lemon;
  • Orange, watermelon, cayenne, spinach, and pineapple
  • Watermelon, mango, pineapple, orange bell pepper
  • Cabbage, mint, cucumber, blueberry, and raspberry
  • Kale, mint, cucumber, green apple, and strawberry

Health Benefits of Fresh Fruit Juices

A combination of fruits and vegetables results in a powerful nutritional drink with loads of health benefits.

For example, cucumber cleanses the body, whereas parsley acts as a mild diuretic.

Watermelon has alkaline fluid, which neutralizes acids and eliminates toxins from the kidneys.

Hence, a juice containing watermelon, parsley, and cucumber, will give you a total body cleanse.

Why fresh fruit juice?

When you drink juices, you’re actually training your mind and body to consume less food as well as fewer calories.

Moreover, bottled juices contain limited nutrients.

They are also pasteurized to stay on the shelves for a longer period, and hence loses essential nutrients, leaving behind only flavor and sugar.

If you make your own juices, you won’t lose any of the nutrients or fiber.

Here’s a video to teach you how to transform a simple blender into a juicer:


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