This Kind of Cancer Develops Very Fast, And Many People Think That It Is Just Acid Reflux

For some reason, the number of people suffering from esophageal cancer is constantly increasing, and it is believed that by 2025 it will increase even by 140%. The problem with this type of cancer is that its symptoms appear as common problems such as acid reflux or difficulty swallowing.

Based on the experience of Jay Rensberger from America, doctors warn that ignoring problems such as acid reflux could lead to fatal consequences.

Namely, Jay suffered from acid reflux for a long time, until his wife forced him to visit the doctor. Even after taking medicines, the acid flux was getting worse, so they sent him to the endoscopy- a procedure which examines and pictures the inside of the esophagus, and after that the gastrointestinal tract.

During the examination, he was diagnosed with esophagus cancer which was immediately removed by surgery. But, Rensberges was lucky to have the cancer detected on time.

This cancer is rarely discovered in the early stages due to the symptoms such as acid influx or difficulty swallowing. Therefore, the rate of people that survive from esophageal cancer is only 20%.

Also, esophageal cancer affects men four times more often than it affects women. Michael Sprang, professor of gastroenterology at the Medical University of Illinois, advices that if of all of the mentioned symptoms, you only feel acid flux- there is no need of panic.

Begin with changes in the diet and remove all the spicy food, coffee and alcohol.

If your acid flux doesn’t disappear even after consumption of antacid or other drugs for lowering stomach acid, than your doctor should sent you endoscopy.

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