These Foods Make Cancer Cells Grow in Your Body! STOP Eating Them RIGHT NOW!

The food we consume reflects in our health. The food represents our lifestyle. Lots of us have unhealthy life, busy schedules and unhealthy eating habits. The food we consume today is far from healthy. The GMO and carcinogenic substances are almost part of every food ingredient we consume.
If you manage to avoid certain types of foods you can protect yourself from developing certain disease including cancer.
Here is the list of what types of food you need to avoid:
Red Meat
Red meat is one of the major causes of colon cancer. According to an American research which followed 150,000 people the ages of 50 and 74, a long-term consumption of red meat increased the amount of colon malignancy in the subjects.

Refined Sugars
Otto Warburg, the winner of the Nobel Prize in medicine (1931), has found that cancer and tumor use sugars to feed themselves. In other words, sugars makes the cancer cells grow in size, which in turn increases the number of cancer patients. Moreover, refined sugars increase the insulin levels.

Potato Chips
It is a well-known fact that potato chips are high in fat and calories. Moreover, they contain various coloring agents, artificial flavors, and additives. When fried on high temperatures in order to look firm, a substance called acrylamide forms. This substance is carcinogenic and it is also found in cigarette smoke.
GMO`s (genetically modified organisms) are grown and modified with chemicals, which makes them harmful for the overall health.


Foods Highly Salted, Pickled or Smoked

These foods contain preservatives and other chemicals. When smoked, the food loses its nutritional value and its natural compounds. Moreover, tar is known as cancer-causing agent. For instance, salami, sausage, bologna, bacon, and other types of meat are also high in fat and salt.

Microwave Popcorn
Microwave popcorn contains propyl gallate, a chemical which causes stomach issues and skin rashes. It also contains soybean oil, a GMO product, and other types of additives.

Soda Pop
It has been scientifically shown that people who consume more than one soda daily are at increased risk of stroke in comparison to people who don’t consume soda at all. The results of this study were published in the American Journal of Nutrition.

In addition to this, soda drinks are high in sugar and calories, which makes them one of the main contributors to weight gain.

Processed Meats
Processed meats contain many chemicals, additives, and sodium nitrates which make them look fresh and appealing.

Farmed Salmon
Even though fish is one of the healthiest foods available, farmed salmon is definitely something you need to avoid. Unlike wild salmon, the fresh salmon is contaminated with various antibiotics, pesticides, chemicals, and other cancer-causing agents.

When buying salmon, avoid the red-colored one because that isn’t its natural color.

Canned Tomatoes

Canned foods, including tomatoes, contain a chemical called Bishpenol –A or BPA. Moreover, tomatoes are highly acidic in this form and it is recommended to avoid them.

I honestly hope that you will find this article interesting and will try to reduce something and make some positive changes in your lifestyle and eating routine.


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