The Incredible True Story Of Why You Can’t Buy Grape Ice Cream!

Ice cream made of crape just doesn’t exist! Why is that you ask? It has a lot to do whit the World’s Fair of 1876,girls,dogs and pharmaceutical companies. It’s a lot more complicated than you think.

After 1874 and the invention of the ice cream soda by Robert Green , he begun to take more and more request from his customers. And after one interview made by Pennsylvania Inquirer he said : “The people are weary of vanilla and chocolate. They want something more. When the children come up from the mines, they are not satisfied with the plain flavors anymore. I will give them grape. The world’s fair is coming. The world will have grape ice cream. This I decree. “

But there was a problem! What he didn’t know is that there is a special molecule in grapes called Anththocyanin that is preventing grapes from freezing. In every attempt of freezing a grape Green failed, and got same outcome every time – grape milk. But after all the excitements with the fair no one noticed.

Until the 1970’s the mystery of Grape Ice cream remained unsolved. Baskin Robbins tried it, and failed.

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