The easiest way to identify rotten meat…

The consumption of rotten meat leads to poisoning. What is alarming is that the fresh meat cal also be poisonous!

Pay attention to the next four things:

Don’t forget to check the expiration date on the packing

Although in every store where they sell meat an eye is put on the deadline, it can still happen to them to forget to throw out the meat which deadline elapsed. Don’t buy such meat.

Check the meat color

The meat may be rotten even though the deadline isn’t passed yet. If the package is wrapped with plastic wrap, check the color of the meat.

The healthy poultry meat can have blue-white or yellow color, and healthy pork has gray-pink color, while the color of minced meat can be artificial.

The color of raw beef is often related with the red color, but that can also be artificial color.

Red color is not a natural color of fresh beef, and it comes due the contact of the meat with air.

By the smell of the meat

One of the best ways to identify spoiled meat is to smell it. If it smells unpleasant, probably you shouldn’t eat it.

The chicken has a distinctive smell when it begins to malfunction. Some sellers use many different chemicals to keep the red color of the meat, and this is used especially before the deadline. So, this is way it is the best for you to check the meat by its smell.

Take a good look before you buy it

The rotten meat often gets mucosal texture because of the bacteria on the surface of the meat.

Undercooked meat can be as bad for the body as the rotten meat, so it is the best if you cook the meat well, and to quit the “bloody” steak meat if you didn’t purchase it from a reliable person.



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