Home remedy for common cold

  • Eat some garlic soup to help you reduce the harshness of a cold
  • Drink a glass of lemon juice daily to raise your body’s resistance
  • Drink onion juice to help you avoid a cold
  • You must drink plenty of water, at least 6-8 glasses per day

Home remedy for cough

  • The two most effective foods you should consume are basil leaves and ginger. They are very effective in relieving an irritating dry cough. You can either chew basil leaves or take fresh ginger with hot water
  • You should eat more grapes. When eaten regularly, grapes can also help you get rid of severe coughs
  • Drink a few cups of hot water with salt. It will help you stop coughing
  • You should take a hot shower. Breathing in the steam can provide temporary relief

Home remedy for fever blisters

  • Apply petroleum jelly to the skin
  • Apply cold compress on the affected area
  • You shouldn’t eat nuts or chocolate

Home remedy for common fever

  • Drink tea made with from saffron.
  • Eat oranges. Oranges give instant energy and helps the body fight unwanted infections.
  • A glass of milk also works wonders.

Home Remedy for Sore Throat

  • A mixture of Listerine mouth wash and Hydrogen Peroxide. Pour a little of each liquid into a cup (equal parts) and gargle.
  • Eat three to four marshmallows to soothe a sore throat. The gelatin in the marshmallows is what soothes the sore throat.
  • Drink hot water, lemon juice, and honey mixed together.

Home Remedy for Heartburn

  • Dissolve a tsp. of baking soda in 8 ounces (1 cup) of water and drink. Baking soda is a natural antacid.
  • Bananas act as a natural antacid in the body. You can eat either fresh or dried bananas.
  • Fresh ginger is one of the oldest remedies for heartburn. It can be added to food when its cooked, eaten raw, or consumed as ginger tea.

Other Simple Remedies  

  • Use duct tape to remove warts.
  • Cure nail fungus with vapor rub.
  • Soothe eczema by using oatmeal.
  • Cure bad breath by eating yogurt.
  • A spoonful of sugar to cure the hiccups.
  • Bite a pencil to cure a headache.
  • Eat olives to help with motion sickness.
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