Simple But Very Effective Folk Cure to Treat Myalgia

Myalgia is a medical term for muscle pain. It may arise due to injury or overexertion, infections of the soft tissues, or inflammatory conditions. There are three types of the disease:

  1. Fibromyalgia

It is characterized by muscle pain occipital and cervical region, lower back, shoulders and chest. There is still no cure for this disease, and the cause is not understood. That’s why many people find fibromyalgia help through natural treatments.

  1. Myositis

It is characterized with aching pain in muscles that becomes stronger when you move. This disease is an inflammation of the muscles and complications can result from other conditions such as influenza, acute respiratory infections, trauma, and excessive physical exertion.

  1. Polymyositis

It is characterized with weakness and intense pain in the neck and shoulder girdle. In some cases this disease can cause the appearance of muscular dystrophy.

Many people along with traditional, folk cures and prefer some proven and effective. Try this one and see the results!

Preparation and Use:

Grind one teaspoon dried horsetail (Equisetum). Add two tablespoons of unsalted butter. Stir well. Apply the mixture on the sore spot, and massage the place for a while. Put some cotton piece of cloth and warm woolen scarf on the top of it and tight it.

This cure works effectively. You need only 2-3 treatments like this, and you’ll get rid of the pain!

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