She Only Ate Bananas During Their First Pregnancy. Now She Is Pregnant Again And Surprising The World

Remember Loni Jane Anthony Australian blogger? Now she will be a mother for the second time. If you do not know Loni, let me present to you. She became famous when she was pregnant with her first child and was only in the banana diet. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were all the same, bananas 20 per day. She has many critics and negative comments and everyone was surprised at the way it chose to eat.

“The human body can not function properly if fed only with bananas.” – Was only one of many critics who received people worldwide

In her defend her he said he started the banana diet just because she like excessive consumption of alcohol and fast food over the years.

“If I continued my regimen food and quick alcohol, I probably would have gotten cancer. Renouncing the food was not hard for me at all “Loni said.

In 2014, Loni gave birth to a healthy baby.

Now, she is pregnant again, and now start something new. In consultation with Dr. Douglas Graham she is starting new vegetarian diet. Diet is known by the name 80/10/10 means that consists of 80% of vegetables, 10% protein and 10% fat.

diet plan loni

This diet is well known among athletes.

This diet also brought some negative comments. According to his followers Instagram Loni is irresponsible and narcissistic.

But it is not concern for such comments. She continues to publish pictures of her and your meals. Its popularity is growing, now she is having more than 380,000 followers.


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