Say NO to Marijuana And Bensedin: Prepare Yourself a “Happiness Drink” (Recipe By The Most Famous Herbalist of The 20th Century)

Maurice Mességué is considered as one of the greatest, and maybe the greatest herbalist of the 20th century.

From the very beginnings, many famous and powerful people of the 20th century, including King Farouk, Winston Churchill, and the poet Jean Cocteau, were interested and looking for his herbal remedies.

He himself, wrote several books about herbs and the practice of herbal medicine, and in one of them he strongly recommended the so called “happiness drink”, which can be easily made with four local herbs that can be easily reached.

HAPPINESS DRINK (preparation)

Take 1 liter of hot water and put 2 pinches of vervain (Verbena), 2 pinches of mint, 2 pinches of linden blossoms (Tilia) and 2 pinches of chamomile, cover it and let it stay for about 10 minutes and then strain the drink.

You can drink this as much as you want.

You can purchase these herbs in health food stores, web shops, from the herbalists and pharmacies.

Maurice Mességué recommended herbs that relax for treating anxiety, and the happiness drink combination was his number one.

The healthful vervain, is also called verbena, catnip and sacred herb. It strengthens the whole organism, relieves spasms (nervousness, cough, anxiety, insomnia), and reduces fever.

Detoxifies the body, tightens the tissue and promotes the healing of wounds and infections. Another type of vervain, known as lemon verbena is recommended for apathetic, depressed and neurasthenic people.

Use this herb in healing spasms, migraine, neuralgia and fatigue. If you have stomach problems associated with mental state, you should certainly use lemon verbena.

Mint is one of the most popular herbs of the world. This herb has multiple uses and benefits. It strengthens the organism and gives back the strength in every organ of the body, so that’s why it is highly recommended for children, the elder population and convalescents. Above all, it is very useful for the nerves and the heart and it also strengthens them. It is effective in all types of cough, neuralgia, insomnia, tremor, anxiety and related disorders.

It is recommended with all types of infections, and digestive problems.

Linden flower tea is oreade from dried linden flowers and bracts, which come from the Tilia Europaea tree (commonly known as lime tree).

It is best known for its calming effect, but also it’s a fairly well-known herbal tea used as a relaxation drink or as a way to prevent insomnia.

Those who suffer from mental fatigue will find this tea rejuvenating. Linden flowers contain antioxidants called flavonoids that help prevent damage caused by free-radicals in your body. They also contain tannins that helps promote healthy digestion and relieve constipation.

It can help prevent insomnia, especially when taken 30 minutes before bedtime. If you suffer from migraine caused by hypertension, linden tea may help treat your migraines. Some people use linden flower in their bath water to reduce anxiety or hysteria.

Hoffmann documented its use in Medical Herbalism as a relaxing remedy for nervous tension.

Chamomile tea is probably the most popular in our region and almost everyone is aware of its healing properties. Its dried flowers are known for their sedative properties and the ability to reduce anxiety, stress and tension, which is also demonstrated in the weakening of muscle tension and calming the body. For these reasons, chamomile tea is desirable for you to drink it before bedtime because it reduces anxiety, balances and affects to peaceful sleep, which benefits the people who suffer from insomnia.

Many studies confirm its calming effect. To determine its anxiolytic potential, patients diagnosed with anxiety took a treatment to take 220-1100 mg of extract of chamomile per day. Compared with patients who did not use chamomile, the ones who used it had significant improvement and overall sense of well-being.



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