Remove All Body Odors With This Juice!

Along with the high temperatures, the amount of sweat that our body releases during the day increases, and this can often cause unpleasant smell. But, there is a very effective solution of this problem.

If you struggle with excessive sweating during the summer days and all year along, or you have problems with the body odor or bad breath, the solution is in the food you consume.

This is a great juice that kills all the odors in the body, starting from bad breath, sweat, all the way to the feet odor.


2 apples

4-5 fresh kale leaves

1 bunch parsley

1 lemon (you will need to squeeze the lemon and use the juice)

1 piece (2-3 cm) fresh ginger


Wash all the ingredients, and blend them in a blender. If you want your drink to be cold, then put few ice cubes in it.

You should drink this juice in the morning, on an empty stomach.


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