One Simple Shampoo That Will Make Your Hair Grow Like Crazy and Everyone Will be Jealous of Your Shine and Volume

The hair is probably the first thing people notice and it is a sign of femininity and attractiveness.  However, using treatments based on high heat and chemicals, such as dyeing, drying, and ironing leave the hair dry, broken, and damaged. These treatments along with the everyday pressure are inducing the hair.

If you want to stop the hair loss and make your hair shinier and more beautiful, don’t hesitate to try the homemade shampoo presented in this article.

The amazing results will be visible within a very short period of time. Your hair will start to fall less and it will be significantly strengthened. Using this shampoo on a regular basis for a month will greatly increase the quality and volume of your hair.


  • Nettle shampoo (plain 750)
  • Panthenol 100 ml (aqueous solution)
  • Nettle drops 30ml
  • AD drops, 30ml aqueous solution
  • Castor oil 50 ml
  • 2 vial vitamin B


Put the whole panthenol bottle, nettle drops, AD drops, and castor oil into the 750 ml shampoo of nettle. As simple as that!

How Does it Work?

Amazingly, this shampoo acts as real vitamin bomb for both head skin and the hair.

Nettle:  This herb improves the circulation of blood in the head skin, which in turn accelerates the metabolism`s process of internal epidermis. It also increases the bioavailability (absorption) of the rest of ingredients used.

Panthenol: Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, maintains the proper function of the head skin and it also stimulates the regenerative process.

Castor Oil: This oil is rich in ricinoleic acid and vitamin E, which is critical antioxidants that stops the damage of free radicals in the body (compounds which negatively affect the head skin and the root). It has regenerative, antifungal, and antibacterial properties, which makes it able to destroy bacteria responsible for dandruff. It also removes dead cells and calms inflammation.

Vitamin B: It returns hair`s firmness by feeding it properly.

The use of this shampoo has strengthened my hair and it is not falling our anymore. It is much shinier, it grows much faster, and it is much softer too. Don’t forget to shake the shampoo bottle before use. Put some of it onto your palms and then onto the hair. Massage the scalp for a while, let it work for a few minutes, and wash afterwards. For the ones who have particularly dry hair, use half bottle of nettle drops because the shampoo can additionally dry the hair. Finally, if you have experienced hair loss, start consuming nettle tea in order to improve the blood picture and hormonal status.

The shampoo can be found in any marketplace and the ingredients are available in drugstores.

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