Never Drink the Water from Your Nightstand- Here is the Reason

We are all aware of the importance of water, so this is the reason why we often leave a glass of water near our bed, in case we wake up thirsty. It is an easy catch, but is this a good idea? You have probably noticed that the taste is quite strange in the morning and do you know why is so?

Water doesn’t contain any protein and sugar that thrive on and therefore, we can be sure that the microbes are not the reason for the strange taste.

In fact, the reason for the strange taste are the air-borne bacteria and dust particles. The water exposed to air is basically more susceptive3 to alternation in its chemical structure. It absorbs carbon dioxide, and a small part of which is then turned into carbonic acid. The carbon acid actually turns into carbonate or bicarbonate when releases one or two protons. Then the pH of the value is changed and in that way it affects its taste as well.

As a conclusion, we can say that it doesn’t mean that the water exposed on air overnight is not safe for you to drink it, but you don’t need to take a risk. In any case, we should pay attention to because of the fact that it has accumulated a lot of air-borne bacteria and dust.

So our advice for you is, in case you wake up thirsty, don’t reach for the glass of water you left it overnight. Simply run to the kitchen and fill in a new, fresh one!


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