Natasha Grindley Given ‘Two Weeks to Live’ Says Deliciously Ella Style Diet Helps Her Battle Cancer

At first, she says that the main thing that has complemented her chemotherapy was learning about nutrition, and keeping healthy with juices.

Natasha Grindley is a Childwall woman who became “obsessed” with nutrition in her fight with cancer, and it gave her a new lease of life.

She is a 37 years old woman from Childwall who was fighting stomach cancer. The first thing she started doing after doctors diagnosed this awful disease is turning to healthy eating “in desperation.”

“Doctors were surprised I had lived past two weeks. They doubted I would have a good life… in desperation, me and my husband trawled the internet day and night to look for an alternative.” – says Natasha for the ECHO.

All she does now is eating foods to power up her immune system, in order to prepare her blood for chemo.

Although she still has cancer, Natasha says it has reduced in size.

She said: “I’m really good, I’m still getting treated but they are generally shocked that I’m still here.

This has completely changed my life – my diet was awful before this – I drank lots of alcohol and takeaways.

“I didn’t realise that my body can’t do that, it was making me ill. Now I’m like a different person.

“When you feel that low and then, to be given your body back, it is priceless.”

Natasha has become friends with Deliciously Ella, the clean-eating chef and author, and gets regular nutritional advice and support from her.

Setting up her Facebook page Heal For Real, which has over 1,000 likes, Natasha posts her progress and recipes, which she is also collating into a book.

Natasha has even completed a diploma in nutrition, wanting to be more informed if she was giving out advice online adding: “I’m obsessed, but you become obsessed when it is life and death.”

Natasha has got her husband and her two children involved.

She has a daughter, Gabriella, six, and a son, Liam, four, who was ‘addicted to sugar.’

She said: “I had to wean him off sugar, but now the whole family is involved.

“It started as just a project for me, my family and friends to learn about, but now I have more people getting in touch who have cancer.

“I feel positive about my prognosis – as I carry on with my journey, I can feel my body healing and getting better.”

Natasha attends the Clatterbridge Private Clinic for treatment where, although they do not endorse her page, they said she is ‘positive’ and ‘proactive’ in her attitude.

Dr Sripadam, Consultant in Clinical Oncology at Clatterbridge Private Clinic and The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre said: “With types of cancers like Natasha’s, there are a number of treatment routes that can be followed.

“Sometimes these choices can be difficult, and it’s important that the patient is well-informed and fully involved in the process of choosing the right treatment option for them, and that is the approach we take here at Clatterbridge Private Clinic.

“Natasha’s treatment is ongoing but she continues to remain positive, proactive and very involved in her care.”




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