Most of us know how hard it is to lose weight once gained. We try all sorts of diets and even go up to the point of starving ourselves all for the purpose of losing weight.

Some do it for health reasons, some for physique and others just because. Well, hold your breath, because we have found one of the easiest ways to lose weight that does not involve starving and beating yourself up. And get this: it only involves adding spices to your diet!

Yes, you read right. The only thing you need to do is add a spice to your food and watch the fat come off in just a few months.

Spices have been proven to speed up the metabolism and its functions and this one does exactly that. There was a study made by the University of Medical Sciences that proved the spice is extremely effective.

They made a research specifically for this cause where 44 women were overweight. For the purpose of the research nutritionists gave them instructions about healthy ways of dieting to the two divided groups.

The only difference between the groups was that one of them added the spice to their diet. To be exact, they added the spices (cumin) to 140 ml of yogurt. They were instructed to follow this diet for about 3 months and consume specifically 500 calories a day.

After the experimental 3 months has passed, both groups obtained different results, although on the same diet. The first group (the one that had the yogurt and cumin) included in the diet lost approximately 14 kilograms and the other one lost only about 4 kilograms.

Talk about a huge difference! This amazing statistic means that the first group of participants lost over 14% more fat than the second group of participants.

For future reference, be reminded that cumin is absolutely the best spice to be a part of your diet. It is one of the best ways to speed up the metabolism, while at the same time regulating the bad cholesterol levels found in the blood.

Simply adding this spice helps maintain weight and not becoming obese, while remaining healthy.

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