Is This The Miracle That Cancer-sufferers Were Waiting For So Long? New Revolutionary Method That Promises The Impossible!

Vicky Brown

Finally the world has reached a turning point in the treatment of cancer. We are talking about such a therapy, which promises curing cancer even to the final stages of cancer and it’s based on a true story.

We have received great news from the world of medicine! Scientists have finally developed a therapy that can cure even the people who were told that their diseases came to the final stages and it’s incurable!

We are talking about immunotherapy, a method that takes the advantages of the immune system of cancer-sufferers and “teaches” the body itself how to mobilize and fight against cancer, as long as it doesn’t overcome it.

This achievement is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the treatment of malignant diseases in the last few decades since the chemotherapy was discovered. Patients, who were told that they will live for only a month, now lead a completely normal life.

So far, this method has proven successful; in some of the deadliest types of cancer, such as lung cancer or skin cancer, and was tested with patients suffering from kidney cancer, bladder cancer, head and neck. The success of this method is presented at the Congress of American Society of Clinical Oncology, held in Chicago.

Just look at the scan of Vicky Brown, a retired professor from Britain who was told that due to lung cancer, and metastases that are spread all over her chests, will die within a few months:sken

Although her cancer returned twice, thanks to the immunotherapy she’s still alive and healthy, and the tumor’s size is almost as the size of the needle.

“I saw how this medications work. They manage to fight with various different tumors. I think we are at the beginning of a completely new era in the treatment of cancer!” – said Vicky’s doctor, the oncology consultant James Larkin from the “Royal Marsden” hospital in London.


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