With colors against aging!

Many people for years look for a way to stop aging or at least slow it down the process of getting old. Many different cultures in the past have tried to make many different anti-aging elixirs and poisons for eternal youth, but the answer is very simple and it’s very close to us. We are aware that the junk food is harmful for us, but nothing more can make us young and healthy like the carefully selected food.

We selected for you this 6 colorful but also healthy and tasty foods. There are different ways how they can stop your aging and at the same time they will make you healthy and beautiful.

  1. Beet against aging

Beet root detoxifies our skin and prevents our complexion from dulling. But also it is one of the healthiest foods, so make sure you add it often into your salad. You can also cook it or simply add it fresh in your meals. It will color them, and make them look fantastic.

  1. Blueberry takes care of you

Add some more fresh blueberries to your table and let them stop your aging. You will never ever look blue again, because of your unhealthy skin and many wrinkles on your face. They contain antioxidants which help in neutralizing the skin damage and also prevent the aging of all body cells.

  1. Avocado for smooth skin

This fruit has the most beautiful color that reminds us on spring and a new life. Make it present on your table, and you can be sure that it will help your skin look smooth and hydrated at the same time. The oil made of avocado helps in strengthening the skin and makes it more elastic, and that’s why is more resistant to aging.

  1. Lemon removes wrinkles from your face

Bring the shine of the Sun to your face with the yellow color of the lemon! It is used in preparing many face masks, but also with its consummation can be a great factor in the fight against many diseases. It is rich in vitamin C and we are all aware of its roles in keeping our bodies healthy. Lemon’s most important function is the producing of the collagen and that’s how it can make us look younger by removing the wrinkles from our faces.

  1. Sweet potato – anti-aging food

The sweet potato is a great source of beta-carotene, and that’s why we shouldn’t avoid it at our daily meals if we are trying to have young and glossy skin that is resistant on aging. Beta-carotene from sweet potatoes turns into vitamin A in our bodies, which is the main reason for smooth and glowing skin.

  1. Tomato protects from aging and damages

Despite this vegetable is very healthy, it also has many health benefits. It contains high quality of lycopene and this substance protects skin from sun damage. Also lycopene from tomato prevents dehydration of the skin and with the power of nature it brings the eternal youth on it.

These 6 colorful foods have its healthy effect on our bodies on many different ways. A common thing between them is that they are all magnificent soldiers in our battle with aging.

Color your plate and bring in your life youth and health!


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