How to Remove Ticks With the Help of Ordinary Salt (Plus Homemade Recipe Against Ticks)

There are many tricks that can help you get rid of ticks! Here are some them…

Some people use to put sunflower oil on the affected area, others rub soap, or they simply use tweezers to pull it up. Some people think that the best way to act is to put some acetone on that place, but this is so wrong!

There is one easy and effective way to remove ticks that I discovered by accident. One day, on my way home, I met an old teacher who teaches in a village and she told me about her reliable method.

You should put some salt and a piece of wet cotton (gaze) on the affected area, where the tick is stuck.

This woman claimed that in 20-30 minutes (and possibly even before) the tick will get out on his own.

Next thing you need to do is to put the tick in a box and take it to the closest laboratory to determine if the tick is poliomyelitis or encephalitis (according to statistics every 10th tick could be affected).

Recipe against ticks:

Before going out in nature, if you don’t have any spray against ticks and mosquitoes, you can prepare one at home!

Preparation: Put 25 grams of cloves into 200ml of boiling water and cook it for 15 minutes, then cool it and add two tablespoons of alcohol.

Before you go out, apply this to you and your pet. “The author” of this recipe claims that in the last 10 years she and her dog didn’t get any thick during her walks in the park and the wood.

If you don’t have time to prepare this solution, you can use some clove oil, diluted with water – a few drops per liter of water. Mosquitoes and ticks can’t stand the smell of clove.

If you are afraid to remove a tick by yourself, it is better for you to seek medical help.

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