How To Get Rid Of Skin Lumps (Lipomas) Naturally in Just 8 Days! (Recipe)

Skin lumps or lipomas, are benign growths which are actually harmless, but still extremely unaesthetic growths that can appear on the neck, head, armpits or hands to people in any age. Almost always, they appear only in one place to people aged 40-60, but they can also appear in several places and be very unpleasant.

The modern science does not know the cause of their formation, and they all agree that genetics is a big factor, and they believe that they are not associated with high cholesterol levels or obesity.

Many people want to avoid surgery and harmful drugs for the treatment of lipoma, but fortunately there is a natural alternative.

Many doctors will recommend a surgical removal of lipoma or some laser procedures. However, these procedures do not guarantee you that lipomas will not come back.

With this folk recipe you can solve the problem with lipoma easily, painlessly and in a short period of time! It helped to thousands of people to get rid of lipoma, and it is simply made from honey and flour.

Natural remedy for treating lipoma

Mix two equal parts of honey and flour. Apply the mixture on the lipoma. The preferred layer is 5-10 millimeters. When you apply the mixture, put a bandage over it. Leave the compress for 36 hours. Then rinse it and apply a new, fresh mixture.

You should repeat this procedure for 5 times, so the whole treatment should last for 8 days. After this period of time, the lipoma will disappear. It is preferable to use darker colored honey and wheat meal.

How does it work?

The mixture of honey and flour is an effective folk remedy for external sores and wounds also. Honey has anti-inflammatory effect and pulls out impurities, stimulates the lymph flow and blood circulation.

In one study, in 59 patients with wounds and sores, where conventional treatment did not show the result after 2 years, the treatment with honey showed great results in just seven days!


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