One of the ugliest, fastest and very good at hiding creatures are probably the cockroaches. They tend to reproduce fast and once they appear, it will be very hard for you to get rid of them. You can find a lot of different products that guarantee to be helpful, but at the same time they contain very harmful chemicals that also endanger your health and their smell is not that nice.

You can always try some natural ways and recipe to get rid of them easily, and we are presenting you one of the most effective.


  • Yolk of a raw egg
  • 50 g (1.7 oz.) of boric acid


Instructions how to use it:

Combine the ingredients to create a thick mixture. Then, make small balls from the mixture and place them in places where cockroaches usually appear, such as kitchen cabinets, shelves, closets, corners, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom.

If you can’t find boric acid powder, you can always use 3% solution of boric acid as a replacement. Combine 100 ml of this solution with a raw egg yolk and a little flour. This mixture works as effectively as the original recipe.

The whole of this trick is that the cockroaches are very curios and they will easily approach the balls. They can’t want the others, so they will keep on doing the same thing. The boric acid will neutralize many cockroaches as a growing number of them will approach the balls. Even though the trick will seem ineffective in the beginning, a great number of them will disappear after several weeks. Eventually, they will vanish for good.

They can appear again after six months, if the female cockroaches have laid eggs, and then you can repeat the procedure again.

You should not be worried about the using of the boric acid balls because it is non-toxic. No matter it is used for disinfection, these balls are completely safe for you and everyone around you, including your pets.

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