Hot Dog Ingredients: Human DNA Among Disturbing Components Found In Hot Dog

According to a research conducted by the company “Clear Food”, whose task is to analyze the composition of the food, not only that the hot dogs are not healthy, but also there are ingredients that you would never expect to find inside.

“Clear Food” analyzed 345 different types of hot dogs and sausages of different brands, and the results are disturbing.

The survey showed that 14.4 percent of the tested hot dogs do not contain the ingredients that are listed on the declaration, and not even the hygienic conditions.

In some hot dogs, there has been some pork, and it hasn’t been listed on the declaration. 10 percent of vegetarian products have contained meat.

Two percent of the tested hot dogs contained human DNA!

Otherwise, the main hot dog ingredients are pork, chicken and turkey leftovers, in which are added flavorings, artificial color and taste, huge amount of starch, salt and various chemical additives, potassium, calcium triphosphate, sodium ascorbate, lipstick etc.

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