Hot Dog Cancer Risks!

Kids and the hot dog has become a common equation. Kids just love hot dogs and are always ready to grab it as snacks. Whether it is after school meal or to carry it in the tiffin, kids are just happy to have it.

Picnics, holidays or parties in America are just incomplete without hot dogs. The 4th July is considered as biggest hot dog holiday in the year, around  155 million wieners are estimated to be owned by Americans.

In short Americans eat a lot of hot dogs, it is a big deal? Here is what L.A.Times article has to tell about hot dogs-

“Recently a USC epidemiologist has reported in a cancer research journal that a child who eats more than 12 hot dogs in a month has 9 times more risk of development of childhood leukemia. Also, during pregnancy of the would-be mother eat one hot dog per week then there is a double risk of development of brain tumors in the about to born child as per reports of Cancer Causes and Control. It also states that children whose fathers ate a lot of hot dogs before conception are under the risk of getting cancer in early age”.

Q.What’s wrong with hot dogs?

Ans- Nitrite additives content in hot dogs is carcinogens. There was a petition to ban nitrites. There are 3 different studies in past year which support the findings that consumption of hot dogs can lead to childhood cancer.

Q.How could hot dogs cause cancer?

Ans-  Hot dogs contain nitrites which are utilized as additives, basically to battle botulism. During the cooking process, nitrites consolidate with amines actually show in meat to frame cancer-causing N-nitroso mixes. It is additionally suspected that nitrites can consolidate with amines in the human stomach to frame N-nitroso mixes. These mixes are known cancer-causing agents and have been connected with cancer of the oral cavity, esophagus, urinary bladder, stomach, and brain.

Q.Some vegetables contain nitrites, do they cause cancer too?

Ans-  The reality of the matter is that nitrites are normally found in numerous green vegetables, particularly spinach, celery and green lettuce. Be that as it may, the utilization of vegetables gives off an impression of being powerful in diminishing the danger of growth. How is this conceivable? The clarification lies in the development of N-nitroso mixes from nitrites and amines. Nitrite-containing vegetables additionally have Vitamin C and D, which serve to repress the arrangement of N-nitroso mixes. Therefore, vegetables are very sheltered and sound and serve to diminish your cancer hazard.

Q.Do other food products contain nitrites?

Ans-  Yes, all cured meats contain nitrites it includes bacon and fish as well.

Q.Are all hot dogs a risk for childhood cancer?

Ans-  No. Not every wiener available contains nitrites. On account of advanced refrigeration techniques, nitrites are currently utilized more for the red shading they create (which is connected with freshness) than for safeguarding. Without nitrite wieners, while they taste the same as nitrite sausage, have an earthy shading that has constrained their prevalence among customers. Whenever cooked, without nitrite wieners are consummately healthy and safe.

Here Are Four Things That You Can Do:

  • Say NO to hot dogs which contain nitrite. Make sure you or your child does not consume 12 or more hot dogs in a month.
  • Try to convince your supermarket manager to keep hot dogs which are free from nitrite.
  • Get in touch with the local school board to make sure that the hot dogs with nitrite are not served in the school cafeteria. Request the authority to ban hot dogs with nitrite in the school premises.
  • You can also write to FDA if the hot dogs available in your area are not labeled as nitrite free and nitrite hot dogs are sold in a wide range. You can also make a CPC’s petition on hot dogs, docket #: 95P 0112/CP1.

So, just be aware of the cancer risk linked with hot dogs and protect your family and friends from this potential health threat.


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