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A condition when the body lacks red blood cells is called anemia. It can make a patient faint, or make him feel dizzy, breathe short breaths and suffer from fatigue, chest pain, and headache. We all know that our body needs a certain amount of iron to function normally. The body’s hemoglobin depends on the red cells to do its job of disturbing oxygen throughout the body.


Here’s one remedy that you can prepare at home. Mix a teaspoon of lemon juice, a teaspoon of honey, and a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. This is a solution proven to be of great help to cure anemia.


To keep the body healthy, you need to provide it enough Vitamin C. All you need to do is to eat at least two citrus fruits every day. This is also a great source of iron. You can also pick another option, for example, to eat 2-3 pieces of apples daily. An increase intake of iron is the best remedy for anemia.

Iron deficiency results to anemia. You may also take vitamins daily to get the proper amount of iron needed by the body.

Vitamin B12 and figs

You should take Vitamin B12 daily as a remedy for anemia. It is one of the minerals the body needs to sustain good metabolism and promote optimum body function.

Figs can also help you in this process if you consume them often. If you eat 3-4 pieces of figs daily, you will have better chances against anemia.


A five to ten minute bath is also effective treatment for anemic patients. A cold bath taken two times a day is also a great remedy. If hesitant to get a full bath, try soaking your feet as an alternative.


Too much caffeine sends the body to different adverse conditions. Moderate your coffee consumption. You may try decaf as an alternative.


Massage the hands, arms and legs to keep the blood flowing. Massage has been a part of treating anemic patients. Do this regularly.

Diet is always a factor in almost all the body illnesses and other conditions. Monitor what you eat daily. Always incorporate fruits and vegetables to get the needed minerals and vitamins. A conscious healthy choice gives the person the feeling of being healthy and whole.

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