Here’s Why Cinnamon Is Necessary For Every Woman…

There was a study made at Columbia University in New York about women with polycystic ovaries. They came to a conclusion that those who were consuming the spice every day rebalanced their menstrual cycle within six months than those who took placebo, and some of them got pregnant during this period too.

“Scientists have long been trying to find a natural or homeopathic medicine for polycystic ovarian syndrome”, said the author of the research Dr. Daniel Kort, and added: “With this research we found that a seemingly simple spice can be a solution for women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome.”

Studies show that between 5-10% of women all over the world suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome. In the USA, this number is up to 5 million!

Symptoms: Irregular period, infertility, acne and hair growth on the face.

Except for polycystic ovaries, cinnamon can also improve the body’s ability to process glucose and insulin.

It is kind of tradition in China, Japan and Far East countries for the women who can’t get pregnant, to consume cinnamon powderwith half a teaspoon of honey and add it to chewing gum so that they can consume a little bit of it all day. If you don’t prefer this way, simply rub this mixture over your gums several times a day.


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