He Died From Biting His Own Nails!

One common habit that can put your health at risk is nail biting. If you know someone who’s into this habit, let them know that it not only affects the appearance of their nails but their life might also depend on it!

John Gardener was a 40-year-old man who never gave up his biting nails habit, even though he was strictly ordered by the doctors. He died of severe infections caused by nail biting. This shocked the public! These infections caused his heart to stop.

He died from biting his own nails!

There are many reasons why this habit is dangerous. The doctors claim that John Gardener bit his nails and fingers to the point of bleeding. This habit not only destroyed his nails, but also his fingertips and made them extremely sensitive to pains.

“John’s nails were always in a bad condition. They were often bleeding when he came,” said his doctors. As John had previously explained, he got into this habit because of anxiety and it only worsened when he was depressed.

But still, the bleeding got worse and one of his wounds became infected. He tried to take some antibiotics, but they didn’t help him so the doctors had to amputate his fingertips. At first, he seemed to feel better, but only a couple of days after he turned 40, he suffered from heart failure due to a septic infection.

We hope that after reading this, you will warn anyone who’s in the habit of biting nail. You could be saving their life.

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