Who does not want balanced hormones, rocking reproductive system and incredible glowing skin?

Most of us certainly do, and consuming nutrient solid foods will put each person on that path. The hormones are controlling the mood, energy, metabolism, digestion and how the skin looks.

If we do not eat foods with nutrients that we need, our organism cannot produce any hormones correctly or even maintain the hormonal balance, because it does not have building blocks to do so.

Whatever you are eating is helping the hormonal production, or causing impulsive imbalances.

The human body have need of balance of all its macronutrients, protein, carbohydrates and mostly fat.

Fat is one of the most essential elements for a hormonal balance. For years, we have been told that the fat-free is good for us, while the cholesterol and the saturated fat are very bad. This is a big and dangerous lie. Healthy fat is raw material that we need to maintain and produce proper hormone function.

Here is why: hormones are produced by using cholesterol and certain fatty acids, so if we are missing these particular nutrients, hormone issues arise simply because the body does not have the nutrients that are needed. The body needs particular fat for rebuilding the cells and stabilizing the hormones. This is very important for female’s reproductive system.

How to eat for hormonal balance

Founding meals off clean protein, antioxidant-rich vegetables, healthy fats for hormone balancing, and therapeutic herbs will aid your body thrive. Choose one nutrient from every category for an easy, skin healing, hormone balancing meal.

Clean proteins:

-Sprouted or soaked nuts
-Wild caught fish
-Organic grass fed chicken, organic eggs, beef, elk, bison, and turkey.

Healthy fats that balance the hormones

Coconut oil and the coconut products are containing lauric acid that is amazingly good for the skin and very beneficial for the hormonal production. Also, it kills viruses and bad bacteria in the body, providing a fast source of energy, is very easy to digest, and speeds up the metabolism.

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