Get Rid of Cholesterol and Excess Weight With The Help of This Magical Drink!

Except lowering the levels of bad cholesterol, this magic drink also cleans the body of toxins and improves the circulation and metabolism.

Parsley turned out to be an excellent tool in the stimulation of harmful substances secretion from the body, and in improving the circulation.

But if you add lemon, water and some baking soda and grapefruit to the miraculous parsley, you will get a miraculous drink that reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood!


1.5 l of water

3 cups of chopped parsley

1 kg lemons

1 tablespoon of baking soda

1 grapefruit


Wash the lemon peel well with the help of the baking soda, in order to remove all the dirt from the peel. Boil the water and leave it to cool.

Cut the lemon into slices, and add the chopped parsley in the cold water. Squeeze the grapefruit.

Cover it and leave this mixture in the fridge for one day. In the end, mix it in a blender and pour it into a glass jar or a bottle.

Drink 100ml of this drink daily, and you’ll be surprised how fast you will lower you cholesterol and speed up the metabolism.


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