Drink 1 Cup Every Morning – Remove the Fats From Your Blood With This Powerful Syrup!

Lately, most of the people live “fast” and eat unhealthy. Due to this routines, many people struggle with increased fat or cholesterol. The normal level of cholesterol is between 4,60 and 6,20 mmol/L. This homemade syrup proved to be very effective in regulating cholesterol.


1 kg lemon

5-6 bunches parsley

3 l water

1 small package baking soda


Wash the lemon with cold water, and then soak it in a mixture of the baking soda and warm water.  Leave it for one hour.

You’ve got to wash and dry the parsley really well, and then chop it together with the stalks.

Chop the lemon finely together with the peel.

Put all the ingredients together in a larger bowl, and pour the mixture with 3l water.

Boil it on low heat for 2-3 hours.

You should get about 1 ½ liters of syrup, that you’ll store it in the fridge.


Drink this syrup every morning on an empty stomach, one cup a day.

This amount is enough for 15 days.

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