DOCTORS WARN: Apply Deodorants Only Once a Day! Read Why…

People that sweat often, should not buy deodorants by themselves…

During the spring, and especially during summer, the use of deodorants and antiperspirants in everyday hygiene is inevitable. However, nowadays there are many facts about the negative effect of these products and their carcinogenic properties such as aluminum salts. Although there are no official studies that are taken in the relevant number of patients that would support such a suspicion, it is recommended not to exaggerate with the use of deodorants and antiperspirants in particular, to prevent sweating.

Instead of excessive use of these products, make sure that you will use the most natural way to remove the unpleasant odor during the high temperatures. Take a shower at least once a day, because it will wash away the sweat and prevent the development of bacteria that are the major causes of unpleasant odors. If possible, wash your armpits as often as you can or wipe it with a wet wiper from time to time.

Put on clean clothes every day, because the bacteria found on your sweaty clothes is reproduced quickly. Despite the fact that your underarm hair plays an important role in facilitating the release of sweat, a better idea is to remove them during the summer, because they keep the bacteria. Apply the deodorants only to the key parts of the body, and if you are afraid of the possible harmful ingredients in them, ask in the pharmacies and perfumeries for those on a natural basic.

Many people don’t even know the difference between deodorants and antiperspirants, which in addition to preventing unpleasant odor, also have an effect on the very process of sweating.

Antiperspirants are applied to the skin surface, and in the contact with sweat, they decompose into small particles that enter the ducts of sweat glands. In this way, the sweat finds hard time to evacuate from them. The particles mainly remain in the skin for about 24 hours, but over time, they vanish. Therefore, it is desirable that the antiperspirants are applied only once a day to clean skin.

Take care of your skin, so it doesn’t become red or irritated. They are part of your daily hygiene and it’s difficult to imagine the modern life without them. The only thing that is wrong is when you exaggerate with the amount that you apply.

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