If you have found yourself waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to continue your sleep afterwards, this is the right solution for you. In today’s society insomnia is a common problem. Recent scientific studies have shown that almost half of the American population has trouble sleeping during the night.

You might be guessing why this is happening to your body, and your guess it right. It is from all the stress which we encounter throughout the day. While a person is sleeping, the body experiences what is called biochemical reaction among the stress hormones, and it is very intense. So, if you would like to stop the terrible insomnia that has been torturing you, continue reading because furthermore, we have a remedy which can help you fight off this night terror once and for all.

This remedy consists of only two, very common ingredients, which you can find in your own home. This remedy is called Sleeping Dust, and for it’s preparation you will need five tablespoons of cane sugar and two tablespoons sea salt. What you must do is take these two ingredients, mix them up very well and put some of it under your tongue. Keep this „dust“ near your bed at all time, and continue using it until you notice some improvements in the quality of your sleep.

Until now, only an extremely small portion of people had known how useful can the salt and the sugar be, when it comes to the metabolism. They help handling stress better and supply the cells with the necessary energy.

The sodium, which is mainly found in the intercellular fluids, will improve the energy production and create adequate respiration. On the other hand, the glucose will boost mitochondria, acting as a natural fuel.

So, basically what they do is the following – the sugar sends signals to the body to stop the creation of stress hormones, and the salt preserves the homeostatic state in which the body should be in order to properly manage the production of adrenaline. At the very end, sugar does will not lead you to hyperactivity in this case.

So, the next time you find yourself counting sheep at night in order to fall asleep, try this home remedy. Remember that a good sleep is a sign of a healthy body. Get yours now.

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