Be Very Careful! These are Things You Do Every Day That Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer

If you usually enjoy in a glass of water every day, it’s time for you to stop. Many studies have already revealed that consuming alcohol increases the risk of breast cancer, but now researchers at Harvard University found evidence that only one glass of wine every day can be devastating to a woman whose family has history with breast cancer.

Consuming just one drink a day increases the risk of alcohol induced cancer, mainly breast cancer, by 13% compared to those who did not drink. – Claims a doctor from Harvard.

They examined the habits of more than 88,000 women and 47,000 men for 30 years, since 1980. The subjects of research did not drink a lot, and did not exceed the allowed limit of one drink per day for women and one to two for men. Some of them have smoked cigarettes at some point in life, and some have not. For men, it made difference whether they are smokers or not, while for women it did not. Even those who had never smoked, because of the one glass of wine per day, showed a higher risk for breast cancer because, which means that smoking is barely associated with developing breast cancer. For men, however, smoking is an important factor for all cancers caused by alcohol.

Researchers say that alcohol is the cause of 3.6% of cancer patients around the world, both men and women. Among men that are heavy drinkers the most common form of cancer is the colon cancer, while among women it`s breast cancer.

Breast tissue is more susceptible to alcohol than other tissues. – Explains the scientist. The most likely explanation why, is the increased levels of estrogen.

It is true that red wine has some health benefits, including reducing the chances of heart disease and degenerative diseases, e.g., Alzheimer’s disease. However, it is not enough to outweigh the bad impact it has on women and the increased risk of breast cancer.

People who have a family history of cancer patients, especially women whose ancestors have had breast cancer should reduce alcohol intake below the recommended limits, or even to give it up completely, bearing in mind that now it`s scientifically confirmed the link between alcohol consumption and cancer. – Advise scientists from Harvard.


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