An Old Doctor Recommends IT! Simple Drink for Reducing Cholesterol and Melting Fat

This is a very simple recipe to prepare which will melt your fat and it will normalize your cholesterol.

We couldn’t find the origins of the recipe, but man to man was retailing it, and those who shared this recipe with us, told that an old retired doctor tell them about it.

Everyone that tried it was very satisfied. At first they were consuming this remedy for lowering cholesterol, but later they also have noticed that they have also normalized fat, and their fat started melting too.

For those with excess weight, this is like a bonus – “Kill Two Birds with One Stone”.

All you need for this drink is only a quality corn flour and water.


1 tablespoon corn flour

1 glass purified water


Mix one tablespoon of corn flour with a glass of cold water. Mix it and let it stand overnight. Cover the glass with a paper tissue, to make sure that no dust will enter. The next morning, drink the glass before you eat or drink anything else. Drink the mixture to the end.

The remedy is almost tasteless.

Drink it regularly, every day for a period of 2 months. Then go see a doctor and you will see the results.

You can continue drinking this remedy unlimited time, because it’s not harmful, it is completely natural and it can’t do any harm to your body.

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