8 Signs That Indicate Problem With Thyroid Gland

The thyroid gland is a very vital organ as it plays a great role in co-ordinating many functions of your body. The thyroid gland is situate in the neck area and produces hormones that aid metabolism regulation. In the event that there is a shift in the natural balance of these hormones, the body will be caused a great deal of harm.

Diagnosing dysfunction of the thyroid gland is hard as most people usually neglect the symptoms of thyroid gland issues. In this article are eight signs your body might exhibit as a result of thyroid gland issues.

1. Swelling and bloating

Hypothyroidism can usually lead to bloating. Puffiness and swelling are mostly shown in the face so in the event that you notice alterations in your face, check the thyroid gland as soon as possible.

2. Abnormal menstruation

There are two major types of unusual menstruation that show the thyroid gland has issues namely, hyperthyroidism – a reduced flow or even no flow at all and hypothyroidism – extensive and tough flow.

3. Changes in weight

Hypothyroidism might be responsible for mystified gains in weight while hyperthyroidism can be responsible for quick weight loss.

4. Nervousness and Trembling

In the event that you feel irritable, shaky or nervous, it implies that your metabolism is going too fast or your thyroid is secreting too much hormones. In addition, it might be due to over-concentration or under-concentration of the hormones.

5. Unusual reaction to temperature

People who suffer regular issues with their thyroid gland mostly have different reactions from the people around them. Hyperthyroidism might cause unusual warmness, while hypothyroidism might cause unusual cold.

You react differently from most people on the temperature outside – those people who have disorders in their thyroid gland often, their reactions to temperature does not coincide with other people around them. People with hypothyroidism feel unnatural cold and those with hyperthyroidism feel warmness.

6. Loss of hair or facial pallor

Most people suffering from thyroid gland issues have dry, weak and brittle hair, sometimes, they even begin to lose the hair.

7. Habitual pains

Feeling constant pain in the joints and muscles show that the thyroid gland is having problems. These signs are not to be neglected and it is advised to see the doctor as soon as possible should you notice it.

8. Alterations in functions of the brain

Insufficient levels of hormones might lead to regular feelings of exhaustion and dizziness

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