When it comes to apple juice, China is the last place you’d think of while you drink it. But believe it or not, it is true: the juice comes from China!

20 years ago, things weren’t the same. The USA used to have a great apple industry, but now the Chinese apple production industry lead them to a dominating position on the US market. If the stats from F&WW are to be believed, 75% of apple juice on the American market comes from China. The governments have recognized a problem with the food, and are working on implementing a new food safety law.

But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still claims that the apple juice is safe.

The F&WW-Paradigm-Empire State test have shown that the level of arsenic in the apple juice is higher than the results published by the tests conducted by the St. Petersburg Times. The Floridian newspaper found levels of 35 parts per billion.

Mott’s, a highly popular American brand of apple juice, has not commented on these tests or the levels of arsenic found in the juice. The FDA is quiet too, which is funny, considering they warned people about food and drinks before.

The largest producer of apples in the world is China, and it is turning them into concentrate and it is selling it to the USA. This is so, because their apples are very bitter, experts claim. We should not even mention how dangerous this process is.

We don’t often read the label on the juices, but next time notice this: you will find the apple concentrate as the second or the third ingredient on the list, and it’s not written where it comes from.

It is a big scandal why the US government has ruined the businesses of apple farmers by importing foreign apple concentrate of suspicious quality. So, the next time you want to buy an apple juice, you should know that is safer for you to go with some locally produced apples and make raw juice.




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