7 Uses for Fabric-Softener in the House, the Car…

You can use the fabric-softener for many things, if you know what you should do. It is very useful in the household, starting from removing stains and stubborn deposits, to removing all wallpaper and refreshing the car.

Here are seven ways how you can use the fabric-softener in the household:

  1. An excellent air freshener

It is very simple. In a spray bottle, pour some fabric-softener and water in a ratio 1:3, shake well and spray from the mixture on the curtains, sofa, rug, or inside the car, trunk, etc. It will smell wonderful and it is long lasting.

  1. It is effective in reducing dust

Put a few drops from the softener on a cloth wipe and wipe all the surfaces and items in the house. It works on a static electricity, which favors the reducing of dust – it actually prevents its creation also. Also, it will bring some extra nice smell in your house.

  1. The smooth surfaces will become shinier

Prepare a polishing spray by mixing fabric-softener with water, in a ratio 1:4. Pour it into a spray bottle, spray on a smooth surface and wipe with a dry cloth wipe. You can use this mixture for glass surfaces and for the shower.

  1. It can help you remove the old wallpaper off the wall

Mix one glass of fabric-softener with 4 glasses of warm water (about 1 liter) in a bowl. Take a sponge and apply the mixture on the wallpaper. You can also use a spray bottle, but it is important that the water is warm all the time. Apply the mixture on a part of the wallpaper and peel it while is still wet, and so on.

  1. It can soften your brushes for painting

After using the brushes for painting, painting walls, etc. wash them in water in which you have put a few drops of the softener. Dry them well and they will remain soft until the next use.

  1. For easier cleaning trays from food remains

Forget about the scrubbing wire! Fill the tray that you need to clean with water in which you will add some fabric-softener, instead! Leave it for an hour and then you will easily remove the food from it.

  1. It removes stubborn stains from the window

Instead of using water or any other cheap spray, apply some fabric-softener on the stains, wait ten minutes and then wipe it with a wet cloth wipe. Then you can wash the windows as you usually do.




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