7 Tasty Snacks With Less Than 50 Calories!

Many people during the weekends forget about the diet and reach their favorite snacks that are usually very caloric and unhealthy. Even people, who are very careful with the diet and calorie intake, decide that Saturday will be the day when they can take a “reward” for the starving. But with our 7 proposed snacks with a minimum amount of calories, you can enjoy every day.

We chose 7 snacks that you can eat every day! In fact, they contain less than 50 calories and they will not have any negative effect on the body line. Just make sure you don’t exceed the given amount.

  1. 60 blueberries
  2. 12 grape berries
  3. 130 grams salted popcorn
  4. 60 grams dark chocolate
  5. 7 almonds
  6. 12 green olives
  7. 12 cherries
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