Breast cancer in the early stages generally shows no major symptoms. Fortunately, knowing the warning signs of breast cancer can help with early detection in order to get the right kind of treatment.

Breast cancer is more common in women than men because men’s breast tissue is not as pronounced as compared to women’s. Since mammograms still do not detect nearly half of tumors in women with dense breasts, it is important to have any usual symptoms checked by the doctor.

1. Lumps in breasts

The most obvious and common sign of breast cancer is a small lump in the breast, according to Natural News. However, studies show that breast lumps are not detectable by feel until they are at least 10 to 15 millimeter in size.

2. Changes in breast skin

Rashes, irritation, itchiness, and visible veins on the breasts are all warning signs of breast cancer. The growth of tissue may change the shape or size of the breast causing the changes in skin.

Many women make the mistake of visiting the dermatologist to ask for creams and medications of what they supposedly thought were rashes. If the breast’s skin looks or feels any different, a breast exam should be in place.

3. Changes in nipples

One of the most typical locations for tumors in the breast is under the nipple, which can cause any changes in the nipple’s appearance. Tumors may alsogrow in the milk ducts that surround the nipples causing some pain, according to Bright Star Care.

Nipples may become inverted, indented or flattened which can also cause nipple sensitivity. In some cases, discharge may be noticed from the nipple, which can be watery, milky or bloody.

4. Pain

Breast cancer can take up many forms such as a single lump, an irregular shape with tentacles or an area scattered with seed-like tumors. These growths cannot only cause discomfort in the breast but it can also cause neck, shoulder and upper back pain.

5. Enlarged lymph nodes

Lymph nodes located in the underarms are where breast tumors spread first due to the lymphatic fluids that drain from the breasts. Any swelling, soreness or tender spots under the arm can be a warning sign of breast cancer.

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